Making Meal Time Easier

Dinner time when you are feeding a family is tough. Tougher than most of us could ever have imagined. For me, it’s not so much the doing but the thinking about what to cook. Gone are the days of toast for dinner when you just can’t think.

Since my son was born I believe I have cooked approx 4500 dinners. Can we just take a moment to think about that!!!  4500 dinners. I am too afraid to think about breakfasts and lunches and snacks.  The struggle is real.

As you probably know there are now quite a few options out there for making your dinner life easier.

Our life changed dramatically when we discovered this whole meal concept. Every week we receive a box filled with virtually every ingredient we need to make our meals. You are required to have eggs, oil etc on hand.  We get recipe cards with step by step instructions that my pre - teen and teen children can follow if I am home late or just busy.

I love that I get exactly what I need so there is no wastage. Some people have the perception that it is expensive but honestly I spend less as I do not have to buy large amounts of things I won’t use and I am not doing frequent trips to the supermarket to get one thing but walking out with 10. We all know how that goes.

There is also this weird psychology to it all  and that is that my kids do not complain if they do not like a meal (very rare). Even though I have cooked it, I did not come up with the idea so they just eat it and say it wasn’t their favorite and move on.

Each morning the kids look at the recipe cards and choose what to have that night. We try so many meals we may never normally try. I can’t tell you HOW MUCH pressure it takes out of my day to day life. It’s completely life changing.

It is very easy to pause weeks when you are going away on holiday or just need a break.  I popped my toe in 18 months ago and have never looked back. 

I have tried 3 different types and these are my reviews:

Hello Fresh – This was my introduction and my personal favorite but I do have friends who have other faves. I find the ingredients to be super fresh and great quality. I consider myself to be a foodie and I find these meals to be gourmet enough to suit me and my family. The ingredients are color coded in brown paper bags so I just grab the matching bag to my recipe and off I go. They also have very little packaging wastage. I do the Family Plan with 3 meals a week.

Marley Spoon – Works in exactly the same way as Hello Fresh and the meals were delicious but for some reason I just didn’t enjoy the recipe choice as much.

Dinnerly – is an off shoot from Marley Spoon and the cheapest option I can see in the marketplace at $69 for 3 meals. Ingredients are fresh and good quality and the meals have been good but not gourmet enough for my family. If you are not a “cook” as such and need to feed your family on a budget you will love this.

If you are too busy to read my whole post, here is the summary of why I LOVE this way of cooking. 

  1. Saves me shopping and thinking of ‘what to cook?’ time
  2. Saves me money as less trips to the supermarket
  3. Easy to follow, delicious recipes
  4. Trying new meals
  5. No wastage
  6. Happy Mum, Happy Kids, Happy Life